News – A baby!!

Yesterday (Dec 22), Sandra got a call asking a few questions – would we be willing to pick up a baby from the hospital, and so on. She then asked, so do we get the baby? Amanda, our adoption worker answered yes.

Jump back a few days.

We received an e-mail about an unborn child due at the end of January, wondering if we would be interested in considering, based on the facts – newborn, coming to us pretty much newborn. This was exactly what we had been waiting for. Of course, we said yes.

When Amanda called, it turns out the adoption worker and child service worker hadn’t worked together since we had Tate back in 2006. They that it would be nice for him to have a big brother.

Really condensed version leading up to the call mentioned above.

What an answer to prayer! What a Christmas present. Sandra also realized last night that we found out on her late mother’s birthday.

Now, Tate gets to be a big brother. He is excited, and looking forward to helping with the baby. It will certainly enlarge his world.

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