Time wasters and wasting time

As I sit here at the computer waiting to leave in a few minutes for an all day work thing in Mississauga, I am thinking there are so many time wasting things, as I click on a few games in facebook.  One is a couple of clicks every few minutes.  Another is a several clicks over a 15 minute period.  Others can consume hours.

Last night, I had a few minutes I should have got on the floor and played with my almost five year old and one year old.  Unfortunately, I was mentally drained from work.  I needed to sit and relax for a couple of minutes.  The problem is, a couple became about 45.

It is hard to find balance between online, and offline.  Real as opposed to virtual.  At the end of the day, real is there, virtual isn’t.

We (I) need to get off the couch/chair/whatever, and interact with real people, rather than sit on our (my) butts in front of the computer.

A friend sent an e-mail that he had started blogging again after taking a break.  (giveblog.wordpress.com)  Some good insights.

I am doing this as a story of how our adoption experience has gone, from the beginning trying to move toward adopting a second child, and the whole process.  It has expanded a little bit with some comments on work/life balance.

Is it a waste of time?  Does it add to the world, or someone’s experience?

Enough wasting time.  I have to get ready to go, or leave some people waiting for me if I arrive late at our meeting spot.


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