Maybe consent?

Today I spoke with the worker who attended court yesterday.

She told me that the case was adjourned only for one week, because of BM’s illness.

BM’s lawyer actually said she would like to see a resolution 🙂 so perhaps the cynical view she is all about billable hours could be over.  Or, legal aid is cutting her off.  Who knows.

The worker is drafting up a consent package for BM to sign at court next week.  BM would like to have another meeting with us, just to make sure access is available at some point in the future.  We have said many times that we will provide letters, pictures, and a couple of meetings a year.

The worker was pretty confident that everything should be resolved within a couple of weeks.  This is a hopeful sign, but we’ll see.

We may have a couple of more visits.

Once consent is obtained, there will be one more good-bye visit, and life can go on as normal.


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