New things

Reid has had some new teeth poking through for a bit.  It seems that most of his teeth up to his first molars are either through or very close to it.  Without very much fuss.

The other thing that is exciting and scary at the same time is that he seems to be getting closer to walking.  Yesterday afternoon, he stood by himself after letting go of my leg for a good 30 seconds.  There have been little bits here and there, but that is the longest stretch standing by himself.  It will be nice when he starts to walk and doesn’t have to be carried everywhere.  Man, he is heavy.

We are also due to arrange a visit with his birth mother.  We set up an e-mail address to communicate with her.  We received a message from the adoption worker to contact her.  I tried to call her one day last week.  She has call privacy, which prevents unknown numbers from being able to call without entering a phone number.  We are hesitant to provide our phone number.  We also are hesitant to provide our cell phone number.  We asked the family worker to contact her to reach us through the e-mail account.

We are planning to meet her at a local park.  This also leads to telling Tate about the difference in their birth stories.  That could be a challenge.


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