Fostering view

P has been sick for the last couple of days.  Lots of crying.  Still afraid of Reid.

Tonight Granny called as we were getting him ready for bed.  She called back about five minutes later.

They talked on the phone for a few minutes about the day.

It just made me realize how truly blessed our family is, to have a home and stable environment.

There are times that are quite challenging, as we try to encourage P to do simple things that are part of our routine.   For him, it is a stretch to do something different.

Even though it is a big change to our routine, we are given a rare opportunity to see into the heart of God.

God has our best interests at heart.  We still stubbornly want to do what we want, no matter how bad it is for us, or what he consequences are.  We want what we want, when we want it.

It helps me to remember that I don’t always know best, or that I will likely get resistance.


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