Sick and whiny kids

Reid and P have been sick for a better part of the week.

Since our trip to the hospital in Tuesday night, Reid has not been sleeping really well.  I have taken him out a couple of times late at night into the cold air to try and help the croup.  One night, we took a late night run to the grocery store to get some replacement tomatoes for some that were bad.

He has been slower than normal.  Poor guy.  When he coughs, it sounds like he his going to cough up his liver.  It does seem that he is getting better.

P does not seem to be himself.  He has been exceptionally whiny for the last couple of days.  It has been a challenge for Sandra.

Many times, Tate and P have been like gas and matches.  Lots of explosions, and many time outs.  Tate complains about P doing something, and then a couple of minutes later, he does the same exact thing.  He complains that he doesn’t share, yet won’t.

It does seem better to put P to bed first, and Tate about half an hour later.  Much less friction.  Much more quiet.  To rip off Martha Stewart, “And that’s a good thing”.


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