What a day

Over the past week, pretty much everyone has been sick at some point.

On Thursday, I left work early with a splitting headache.  By midnight, I was finally feeling better.

On Friday, P was barking like a dog, then a seal, classic symptoms of croup.  Around 11:30, Sandra took him to our local hospital.  At about 4:30 am, they were home with a steroid given.  They could have given him something else, but it would have meant waiting for another hour.

Sandra slept till about noon.  She felt somewhat better.

On Sunday morning, she woke up with some vertigo.  It passed fairly quickly.

On Sunday morning, I took Tate to church.  We left a bit early, as he had hockey practice on Sunday at 11:00.

Once we got home, she started feeling dizzy again.  She could barely move without becoming nauseous.

We made it through the day, and went to bed hoping for a better start to Monday.

Well, what a Monday.  Things were no better.

I stayed home and took Tate to school.  Then, I got an appointment with our family doctor at 12:20.  In the middle of Reid’s nap.  We put lunch off and took everyone to the doctor.  We got a diagnosis of Benign Persistent Positional Vertigo.  In other words, depending on how she moves, she gets dizzy.  It may last for a while.  At least she got a prescription, which seems to be helping a bit.

We ate supper, and Reid got a bath because he was a mess.  I had him in the tub, and he tooted a couple times.  Next thing I know, there are some small bits of brown, and a few big floaters in the tub. FANTASTIC!!!

Next, I pull Reid out of the tub, and wash him off quickly.  He was not impressed.  I could say he was in really crappy mood.  Bad pun.

I had lots of fun scraping the poop out of the tub.  What a crappy job.  (Boo, I know).

The other two were in a really bad mood, too.

I ended up taking Reid with me for some groceries.  I figured since he was the best behaved, I would take him.

It’s not like he dumped in the tub on purpose.  When you’re barely two, and you gotta go, you gotta no.  No matter where or when.  As the saying goes, slightly sanitized, crap happens.

And, hopefully, that is the crappiest part of my day.  It is still three hours before we head to bed for the night.


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