Another FABULOUS day

The past week has been a busy and challenging one.

Things seem to be turning around.

However, I had another fun present this morning.

Tate is an early riser. He often is told to go back to bed until at least 6:30.

I had not been sleeping since about 5:00, since I had to give Sandra another pill for her vertigo. But, that’s another story.

Tate had been up, I told him to go back to bed, and get up at 6:30. About 6:35, I hear lots of noise from downstairs. I hear Tate and P sort of getting along. I figured I had better get P back to bed before nuclear war breaks out again. He says he has to go pee, and wants to go to the downstairs bathroom. I tell him to go upstairs, and we do. He is about to pull down his pants and go. He starts to cry, “I pooped”. ARRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!

I get him cleaned up and send him back to bed, so at least Tate can amuse himself quietly and allow everyone else to sleep until a decent hour. Which is now.

Back to the morning routine. Hopefully everyone sleeps as long as we want them to.

And there are no disasters. Or nuclear war.


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