Another fabulous day … finished

The day ended about as well as it began.

After supper, Sandra thought it would a good idea to go to the local McDonald’s play place. I was somewhat hesitant, but thought it may wear everyone out.

Everything went pretty well.  Lots of fun.  Everyone played well until it was time to go.  I gave P a five minute warning, and went to collect Tate and Reid.  They came fine.

Sandra told P it was time to go.  Rather than put on his boots, he decided to run back to the play equipment.  This led to a massive meltdown, quite similar to Chernobyl.  Lots of screaming and hollering and wailing.  Led to a treat for us.  Everyone else enjoyed their treat.

I enjoyed a cup of anniversary blend from Starbucks, with a shot of Caramel Brule.  Mmmmmm, good.

When it came time to go to bed, P went first.  About twenty minutes later, I went up to check on him.  He was still awake.  A few minutes later, I went back and he was still awake.  I got him up and took Tate up to bed.  About five minutes later, I went up, and Tate was out.  P went to bed, and hopefully asleep quickly.


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