End of the weekend

It was a busy weekend.

Last night was a rare treat for Sandra and I, as we got out by ourselves.

This morning, Reid woke up not seeming quite like himself.  He slept for about two and a half hours, which was about normal.  When I got him up, he just sat there.  Shivering.  Very unlike him.

I fed him some yogurt, with a bit of effort.  We had to run off to pick Sandra and Tate at another event.  Reid sat quietly in the van, again, unlike himself.  I was feeding him some rice krispie square, and Reid puked all over both him and I.  Coats, shirts.  Real pleasant smell.  We got all cleaned up.

Next thing, we had to pick up P from the respite foster home.

The return went well.  Eventually, everyone settled in for the night.


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