Merry Christmas!!

It’s been a busy year for us.

We celebrated Reid’s (then Braydon) first birthday.

We made an agreement with his birth mother for her to waive her rights, and to allow her to continue to see him a couple of times a year.  So far, she has kept up her end of the deal.  She has progressed a great deal.  We saw a maturity at the meeting in December that was not there in February.  She has a new boyfriend, who seems to have brought some stability.

We signed the final adoption paperwork in May.

We decided to foster after taking a break for the summer.  We had a foster child for just about two months.  He went back to his family just before Christmas.  That was really nice.

We received the adoption order early in November.

Reid started to walk, and his vocabulary is progressing, with a mix of words, sounds, and sign language.

We have had lots of highs and lows, but it has been a good year.

We are truly blessed and thankful for the family we have.

It has been almost six years since we started on our adoption journey.

Maybe it is time togo back and reminisce about some history.  More posts will follow.




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