A night in the cold

After a long weekend celebrating Christmas and Boxing Day, I got up early Tuesday morning and noticed it was a bit cool.

I checked the thermostat, and it showed 18C, which is a bit lower than our usual 20 or 21.  I went downstairs and checked the furnace.  I heard a clicking sound.  I tried turning the furnace on and off a couple of times.  No success.

I called a service company.  I left a message.  No call back.  We had to leave for Tate’s hockey game.  We were home by about 9:30.  I tried calling another place for a service call.  They had about four calls ahead of us.  I called another place, and they could have someone out by noon.   The service guy called, and he said he would be here by 12:00.  No one exactly specified that it was Eastern, as opposed to Central time.

I had to leave for a while.  About an hour later, Sandra called.  It was bad.  The furnace was dead  There was a possibility of getting a part, but not very good.  The service guy ending up finding out there was one part, possibly, in all of North America.  We got a ballpark price from the first guy that came out.  It seemed kind of high.

We called another place to give us a quote.  He came out after supper, and gave us a couple of options.  The cheapest option was comparable to the mid priced for the other range, and it was eligible for a government rebate as well.

We made arrangements to get the furnace installed on Wednesday.

The guys showed up with the furnace about 9:30.  They started working away, seemed to make good time ripping the old furnace out.  They had to go and get some parts.  We had to go for another hockey game at 1:30.  They were going to be back by the time we had to leave.  They arrived, started working, and we left.  We came back from Tate’s game, and they were still working.  We went for dinner with my parents, and came back.  And, they were still at our place!!!!!!

At the end of it, we have a furnace that works.  Quite well.  Hopefully efficiently.  We have to pay for the new furnace somehow 😉


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