Weekend trip

This weekend, we went to a Bible Quizzing tournament in Indiana.

To be admitted, this is a bit of a niche activity.  Kids study Bible verses, and learn questions about a book of the Bible.  This year, the book being studied is Hebrews.

We left Friday morning.  We had a bit of a challenge getting going, and had to return home to get some stuff.  We picked up some more people going with us, and headed on our way.

As we approached the border, we discovered that I had forgot my passport at home.  As I thought I had my passport, we didn’t bring my birth certificate along.  We drove up to the border, and gave the border agent all of our documents.  She asked for my driver’s licence.  She was satisfied that I am a Canadian, and let us go on our way.

We drove through northern Michigan on I69, and had no major issues.  As we drove south, we ran into some bad weather.  There were some cars in the ditch and other accidents.  Once we got into Indiana, we headed west, with some more snow and other stuff.  It didn’t seem too bad, at least by Ontario standards.

We got to our hotel, and there were hardly any cars in the parking lot.  Not particularly encouraging.  We went for supper, and came back and went swimming.

On Saturday,we went to the quiz tournament.  The level of skill there is so much higher than what we are used to in our area.

Tate did really well.  He finished second in his tier of one on one quizzers.  The team placed second in their category.  Not bad accomplishments, after an 8 hour trip.

On Sunday morning, we headed back.  Things were going well, and we were making pretty good time.  We were on track to be home by about 5;30 to 6:00.  Then, a really horrid noise from the back —- tire treads all over the road.  Fortunately, our brother -in-law is a mechanic, and was following along behind.  It was changed, with no concerns.  We tried to find a replacement in Port Huron.  Apparently, snow tires are not a stock item in winter in Michigan.  Whooda thunk it?

Anyhow, we crossed the border.  The Canadian border official asked if we had anything to declare.  We mentioned a couple of things.  He looked up on the roof, and noticed the dead tire.  I mentioned that the tire had blown, and we were running on a spare.  He let us go on our way.

We limped along back roads back home.  It took about two and a half hours to get back home.  The kids were in bed, and the van unpacked by 9:00. Not too bad.


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