It’s been a long week.

Our trip to Indiana, with the blow out ( kind of set the tone for the week.

Monday was a busy day.  By the end of the day, Tate ended up throwing up.  A few times, over night.  Fun.  He took the day off school, and he spent most of the day sleeping.  He missed hockey, and stayed home from the Tuesday night program at church.

Tuesday morning, it also looked like Reid was going to be sick.  He threw up a little bit, but not much.

Then Sandra got hit on Wednesday.  I felt a bit iffy on Wednesday night, and slept for a bit.  After Tate went to bed, I felt better.

Then, on Thursday morning, I woke up feeling a bit funny.  Not a fun day.  Between sleep and other unpleasantness, a long day.

We were getting ready to put the boys to bed.  Reid was fooling around in a clothesbasket, and fell back and whacked his head, really hard. It bled.  At the end of it, Sandra took him up to the hospital.  It ended up not needing stitches.  They were home in about four hours, which isn’t bad for a trip to the hospital.

Friday morning still wasn’t great.  When Reid got up, he would walk about two steps, and then fall down and crawl.  Very unlike him.  After debating what to do for a while, we ended up dropping off Sandra and Reid at the hospital. After another four hours, it turned out they could find nothing wrong.

We still have to watch him over the weekend, and take him back if there are any other problems.

Friday was another day of napping.

Everyone has been sick this week.


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