Sickness …. continued

The last three weeks have been a ……. challenge.

After going back to work on Monday, and making it through the day, things took a bit of a turn for the worse as the week went by.

On Tuesday, I took the day off again.

Wednesday was a crappy day.  I spent most of the day sleeping and taking it easy.  On Thursday, I went to see an on-call doctor, as our family doctor was away.  I got a prescription for a new, stronger medication, to hopefully finish off what the last medication started.

I got the prescription filled and took the medication around 1:00.  By 9:00, I noticed my knee was really itchy.  As the night went by, I got a bit itchier.  By the time we went to bed, we noticed that there was a rash all over my face and body.  And, ITCHY!!

I called the drugstore, and they suggested taking Benadryl.  All we had was some children’s stuff.  It did the trick.

In the morning, I called the doctor again.  They told me to come over as soon as I can.  When I got there, the doctor said I had an allergic reaction to the medication.  (YA THINK?)  He was pretty sure it was the new one, but the previous medication could be a factor, as it had only been about 3 days since I finished it.

The rest of the day was laying low, as we had Tate’s birthday party scheduled for the afternoon at a local indoor playground, with several boys from his class at school.  Another post.

By the end of the party, I was done.  Completely spent.  We got home close to 8:00 and put the boys to bed.  After a couple of hours, of rest, things are getting better.  The thing is, we also have a 7:00 hockey game.  Yee haw.



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