Take a Leap of Faith (Leap Day – Part 2)

This has been an interesting day.

The school buses in our area were cancelled due to a freezing rain warning.  It actually wasn’t a horrible call, because the weather was pretty nasty.  I’m not sure it actually turned into freezing rain, but it was really cold and windy.  Mind you, it is still February, but this has certainly not been a typical winter.

The leap of faith I took today was to contact a fellow blogger who is working through the frustration of waiting for adoption to happen.  To read the perspective of someone at a different place in the journey, check out  Make Your Own Awesome, by The Lovely Laura.

I have been following another blogger, Instant Mama, who has been writing about her experience as a foster mother of six children (yes, that is correct six), and how it has changed her life.  Her stories have been heart rending recently.  Spoiler alert:  Don’t start with the current posts.  Go back to the beginning.

Back to the point about the leap.

Reach out and encourage those around you, even those you may not know.  You never know what a small gesture on your part may mean to someone having an absolutely horrible day.


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2 Responses to “Take a Leap of Faith (Leap Day – Part 2)”

  1. Instant Mama Says:

    I love reading Laura’s blog too! Perhaps my few years living in Ontario attract me to the Canadian bloggers…

    As I was reading through blogs tonight I suddenly noticed you mentioned me – what an honor! Hmmm, this must be the explanation for the sudden surge in page views…many people going back to the beginning (isn’t it nice when people follow your advice?).

    So thanks for the mention – I feel duly encouraged. It is so uplifting to know that people are on some level benefiting from my experiences (even if it is just purely entertainment). God is good. I think the most emotional parts of this phase of our journey are pretty much leveling out now, thank goodness. But there is more drama to come, more of those amazing moments that only a foster mama (or papa) can truly understand, and of course more stuff from the kids that at least had me laughing like there was no tomorrow (thank the Lord for that last one!).

    Blessings to you and yours (and may that sickness depart from your home once and for all, already!). Instant Mama

    • ouradoptionexperience Says:

      Thanks for the kind words. I would be surprised if my recommendation would drive much traffic your way, especially since I only mentioned you about three to four hours before your comment. And most of the blogs I follow now are those you nominated for awards.
      It really is nice when people follow advice.
      We are fortunate in our experience that the workers have been part of the team. We have heard stories where there has been frustration with the system. Unfortunately, too few resources are given to child protection. It is not an area that people like to admit is a problem, and don’t realize the value of early intervention to prevent problems in children’s lives down the road. In the one situation we fostered, it was the third generation (at least) of challenges, and there still are long term risks.

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