Another adoption blog

Another adoption blog

A few months ago, another blogger, Instant Mama, read one of our posts, and ended up going back and reading our whole story.  In one day.  It was about 150 posts, so it would have taken a while.

Since then, I have been reading her posts about her experiences as a foster parent.

She also mentioned a new blog from the perspective of a parent who placed her child for adoption, and the open relationship between her and the adoptive family.

Tonight, I have been reading through a blog I just discovered, noted in the attached link.  The link points to a story in the middle of a trip to Bulgaria to meet the child they had been matched with.  In this post, Ginger talks about God placing the lonely in families.

What can we do to make that happen in our lives?  This doesn’t just apply to adoption, although it is a key area.

There are lonely people all around us.  How can we include them in our lives?  At least ease their loneliness?


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2 Responses to “Another adoption blog”

  1. Ginger Newingham Says:

    Hey! Thanks for the link. Praying for your journey and your impact on the lonely. God has such a heart for the oppressed – I’d love to catch just a taste of that in my own life.

    • ouradoptionexperience Says:

      There have been a few ups and downs along the way, but in the end, God has been faithful. Just saw good news – congratulations. The journey is just beginning.

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