Thoughts on adopting older children through an international adoption

I have spent a great deal of time reading through an adoption blog I discovered yesterday.

Ginger Newingham has been writing about the process of completing an international adoption in Bulgaria.

She has posted some insights from other bloggers on things you might want to know.

Check out the following posts:

Adoption 101 – 10 things not to say to adoptive parents

Adoption 101 – How to be the village Part 1

Adoption 101 – How to be the village Part 2

And, some good thoughts on adoption:  I don’t heart adoption

Our family has been formed by adoption.  We have two adopted boys, who we love dearly.  I can’t imagine our lives without them.  However, for us to have two sons, two different mothers had to lose their little boys.  The stories are completely different.  Each adoption story is different.  Adoption is possible because of loss.  Ginger says to love adoption, not heart it.  Heart is too cutesey.  Love is a choice, and can be messy.  Love adopted children.  Love adoptive families.  Love those who have placed their children for adoption.

We have never met the biological family of our oldest.  It is likely that we won’t.

We met the adoptive parents of two older siblings of our second child.  We have met with his biological mother.  We have periodic contact.  We meet her a couple of times a year.  It is amazing how much things were better for her at Christmas than at the beginning of 2011.

In conclusion, I will quote a verse Ginger quoted:

Isaiah 1:17 Learn to do good.  Seek justice.  Help the oppressed.  Defend the cause of orphans.  Fight for the rights of widows.

Addressing the plight of the oppressed, widows, and orphans is a common command in the Bible.

What can we do to improve and ease their plight?


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