Cycles of failure and success

We had a guest speaker in church on Sunday who shared about the father heart of God, as expressed through the parable of the prodigal son.

He suggested a possibility behind the prodigal’s leaving home was that he got into a cycle of failures, and ended up giving up hope.  It is equally possible to keep going in a cycle of successes and become self-reliant.

The particular point that spoke to me was that we can get into a cycle of success or failure.  The speaker’s premise was that the prodigal left because he got into a cycle of failure.  Everything wrong, or is perceived to go wrong, and it builds upon itself.

One little thing happens.  Then another.  Then another.  Things that should be simple become impossible.  Before you know it, you’re in a big hole and can’t get out and don’t know where to go.

Now, for the personal application/confession.

This winter has been a challenge.  There have been a few things around the house that need done, and just haven’t got done.  Something always comes up to take priority.

The most obstinate one lately has been a toilet.  Our downstairs toilet has never really worked well.  I had to replace it last year trying to fix a plug.

It got plugged again a couple of weeks ago, and I had to plunge it.  I tackled it about five minutes before we had to leave for something, figuring it is an easy job.  I went at it, and all of sudden, the seal between the toilet and the floor failed.  I cleaned it up and rushed off to our event.

It was Saturday before I had the time or energy to look at it again.  Replacing a wax seal and reattaching a toilet isn’t, or shouldn’t be that hard.  I’m no handyman, but I have done it before.  Two attempts, two failures.  I went to Home Depot to get more stuff and some advice.  The job becames a bit more complicated, because the part in the floor is rough and there is a big gap.

Yesterday, I set out to tackle the project.  It turned into a two part job, to attempt to solve the gap.  I did part one in the afternoon, part two after the kids were in bed.  I turned the water on, attempted a flush, water all over the floor again.

My failure cycle continues.

I have a couple of other projects that are unfinished, partly due to the challenges of this problem, and partly due to the busyness of life.

When we get into the ruts of life, it is important to know when to get help, and where to go for help.  It is important to consult wise friends and counsellors, who can help provide insight to move past the problems.

To solve my plumbing problem, at some point, I may have to bring in a plumber.  A plumber friend has provided some advice.  Hopefully it works.


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