Perspective on life

It’s funny how easily our perspective on life can be thrown off.

In the past few month, I have written a number of times about how there have been several challenges this winter:

What a day, A Night in the Cold, Sickness, End of the Week, Recovering from the bug, Sickness …… continued, Sharing the wealth, Frustrating days,

However, there have been moments of insight in the midst of the clouds:

Frustrations – more thoughts, Do everything,

Hopefully my last post, Cycles of failure and success, is the beginning of a change in perspective.

Last night when I came home from work, I was spent.  Very little energy left.

I tackled another project from a couple of weeks ago – putting a smoke detector back together.  It was the pain I was wrestling with before I had to deal with the toilet with the crappy attitude.  I could go down a road with some more bad puns, but let’s flush those thoughts away.  Last one, I promise.

Anyhow, I got to the smoke detector.  I realized I needed a couple of small wire connectors.  There were none around the house.  So, I went to the closest Canadian Tire.  The one I hate because the management in about 8 years has taken it from a good store to one of the worst in our city.  It’s closest competitor is something like 40 years old, cramped, but has stuff.  I actually found what I wanted, and stuff for the toilet job. 🙂

And, I got the smoke detector done.  And it actually took the amount of time it should have.

As I have been writing this post, and not getting ready to leave for work as I should be, I have been listening to “Do Everything”, by Steven Curtis Chapman,  (3 times for far, likely the soundtrack for the morning) being reminded again that we do are called to do to the glory of God.  No matter how glorious, or disgusting.  Do it gracefully, without complaining.

Time to go and glorify God.


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