Developments over time

It’s been a while since I wrote about how Reid is doing.

He is still moving at his own pace.

It’s hard to know where he stands on the charts for milestones.  Really, though, those things are averages, and it takes both sides to make an average.  I just have to remember that.

Reid really is a delight.  He is very determined, and does things that he wants.

A big frustration for all of us is communication.  His vocabulary has been limited to “Mama”, signs for more, milk, eat, and hit your arm and point, sometimes with a “uhuhuh” sound.

In the last week or so, he has added “da” or “dada”.  It has been nice to hear that added to his repetoire.

He is starting to recognize places, as well.  On Wednesday, we went for swimming lessons.  He loves the water.  As we were driving up to the pool, there was lots of noise and pointing, indicating excitement.  Considering it had been two weeks since we were there (see here for post), it was especially exciting.

Normally, I take the bus to work.  This week I was working out of town, and driving our car. When I take the bus, it is easier to come home more quietly.  However, with the car, there is more noise.  As I was getting my key to unlock the door, there is a sudden flurry of activity and noise as a little one is rushing to get to the door.  This will become more frequent as the weather becomes seasonal and I start biking to work, and open the garage door to put my bike away.

There have been a few visits with physiotherapy.  Occupational therapy has come on stream as well, which helps develop skills and strength.


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