Reid’s vocabulary may be limited, but his comprehension is pretty good. We have to spell out and outside, or he want to go.  At lunch, Tate mentioned something about going outside.  It was Reid’s naptime, and he was not at all impressed that he had to go to bed, rather than out.  It took him quite a while to settle down If anyone leaves without him, it is not a good scene.  He tries to put on his shoes, with no success.  It is hard to sneak out. Once he hears the door, or sees anyone putting on their coat, he is right there.  It should get a bit easier in the summer, without coats. Even though he can’t say a whole lot, many things can be made clear by pointing and listening to sounds.  It’s just a matter of figuring out what the sound means and what he is pointing to. For example “ba” can mean baby, ball, balloon, and about 3 other things. The main thing is to add the words to the sounds, and help him learn them.


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