Miserable weather

It’s funny the impact that weather can have on your outlook on life.

We had a record-breaking warm streak in mid-March, both in length and temperature.

April has been less impressive.  For the last two days, there have been snow warnings.  Yesterday, an entire county had its schools shut down due to bad weather.  Very unusual for late April.

Monday and Tuesday were both dull.  Tuesday was rainy.

I have been finding in the last month that things have been busy, and I have been tired.  I lack the will to do things.  I have been irritable, even more so than normal.  Some noise drives me nuts, other noise is somewhat soothing.

In many ways, I could say I am thinly hanging on to sanity.  That is an exaggeration, really, as things are not that bad.  I just am tired of the blah.  Today was a better day.  Still though, a few sunny days would be nice.


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