It’s a small world after all

We went up to the local mall to pick up Reid’s pictures from a couple of weeks ago.

We split up at the food court to get our meals.  Sandra and Tate went to get food.  Reid and I went to take advantage of $1 drinks at McDonald’s.  Not a bad deal.  All you can drink for a dollar.

While I was absently standing in line, I heard someone calling my name.  Reid’s birth mother and her boyfriend were having supper.  I talked to them for a couple of minutes, and said that I had to go and join Sandra and Tate for supper.

They found us in the food court, and we talked for quite a while we were eating our supper.

They were impressed by how much he has grown and started doing different things since we saw them last at Christmas.

It seems somewhat surprising that we bumped into them at the mall.  They live fairly close to the mall, on a main bus route.  We actually live quite close, as well.  We just don’t head up there that often.

We had a good visit with them.  Just under unusual circumstances.

It is fortunate that we have a good relationship, or meetings like this would be really awkward.


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