Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can be very bittersweet, for many reasons.

For some, it is because they no longer have their mother – maybe lost recently, maybe lost a long time ago.  The first Mother’s Day after a death can be particularly difficult.

For others, it is because a strained, or lost, relationship with their mother.  For whatever reason, over time, relationships can drift. Disagreements can cause bad experiences and hurt feelings. Siblings may feel that one is favoured over another.  There may be due to neglect, or perceived neglect.  There may have been abuse.  I could go on, but really, the list of reasons is endless.

At some point, we all have to recognize that our relationship with our mothers are not perfect.  At some point, we have to relate to our parents as adults, rather than children.

There is pain for those who want to be mothers, but are not for a variety of reasons.  They may not have found a spouse; infertility may be an issue.  There can be difficulties with pregnancies – miscarriages, premature death, and others.

We have become parents because two mothers are not parenting their biological children.  Both of our children have different stories of they joined our family.  We still see Reid’s birth mother, even unexpectedly, and have agreed to continue to as time goes by.

In most situations, we have to be thankful for what our mothers have done for us.  Of course, there are some situations where there is malicious harm done by parents.  Unfortunately, these circumstances are far too common.

My friend, Trudy Metzger, posted this today for Mother’s Day.  Her testimony of wounding and deliverance is a great encouragement, and she is working to help others break free from their wounds.

God comes along side the wounded and broken, and comforts us in our time of pain.


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