Schools – private, public???

It is really difficult to make a good decision regarding education.

We registered Tate for French immersion in January.  We found out in early May that the registration got sucked into the abyss.

This afternoon we went to see a private school some friends from church send their children.

Tate would be in a small class, with older grades.  It would be easy to challenge him academically.  However, it is about half an hour away.  That translates into approximately two hours of driving for someone.  There is a possibility of a carpool, but that is not certain.

Sandra was talking to another parent tonight, and she said the alternate school the board provided has a much better program.  The problem is that the alternate school is about 15 minutes south, and many of the support activities for Reid are 20 minutes to the north.  Start times are approximately the same time, leading to a significant problem on days that both programs start at the same time.

We really are torn which direction to go at this point in time.


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One Response to “Schools – private, public???”

  1. Nina Says:

    Whatever you decide to do, the most important teaching he gets from you, his parents. Formal education can only add to that. So, having a strong foundation makes any choice a good one and safe. Please, worry less 🙂

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