Adoption subsidy for older kids

I posted a link last night from our local daily newspaper that the provincial government was going to offer an incentive to eligible families to adopt older children.

I did a google search tonight, and found some more comments.

The Toronto Star ran a more in-depth story.  Click here for the story on  Another link can be found here.  Or here.

I am of two minds on this.

I think it is great that the government is trying to encourage adoption.  It is always better for children to be part of a permanent or “forever family” rather than being left in the system.

The amount of screening to be able to adopt is absolutely unbelievable.  For good reason.  It would be awful to put children in a situation that is bad as, or worse than they were taken from.  There are horror stories about children being taken foster families that are in it just for the money.

Adoption can be a tough road, especially for families adopting older children.  Many children’s aid societies offer support to families, even after the adoption is finalized.  The support may be as simple as linking other adoptive families.

It will be interesting to see how this program works out in the long term.


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