A great blog – Love that Max

I stumbled across this blog that someone was recommending to a friend with a special needs child.

This blog is lovethatmax.

I just subscribed to e-mail updates from the blog a couple of days ago.  In reading three posts, I have laughed to the point of tears; been given insight; and enraged at the shallowness of people, yet encouraged at the compassion it is possible to have for them.  In her post for today, she wrote how her child is not a burden to the system.

I haven’t really thought that much about these issues in the past.  Most likely, I would have thought like the more unaware she describes in another post.

There is a definite lack of awareness about special needs, and how to accommodate them within the system.  To be honest, we are just beginning to walk down this road.  As we are going through the steps of dealing with Reid’s challenges, it is an adjustment.  As the dad of a child with special needs, I am still struggling with how to work things out.

With the economic challenges we have faced in the last few years, there have been a number of budget cuts, particularly in the educational system.  The government in our province is attempting to tinker with how to make things work. They want to have small class sizes, yet this takes away resources from the programs that help children that need extra help.  This is a case of well-intentioned experimenting that will most likely end up creating more chaos than solving problems.

It seems like decisions like these are often made by people who haven’t worked in the environment they have control over, or are so far removed, they don’t realize the impact it will have, or don’t consult with those it will impact.


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