It’s the weekend!!

Yeah!! It’s Saturday.

After a busy week, we have a really busy weekend.

Tate has his soccer pictures this morning.  Instead of a game.  Something new from the company doing pictures.  They’re doing a team picture, rather than a composite.

There is a Rotary fun fair at the centre that provides services for special needs children.  We missed out last year because it rained.  There’s rain in the forecast, but it’s supposed to end by the time it starts, with a low chance of rain after that.

We also have been invited to a birthday party at a local splash pad.  Reid may likely miss that, as someone (who shall remain nameless) took him out shopping while the other parent took Tate to visit our niece in the hospital.  Reid got to bed at 9:00, rather than his usual 7:00 to 7:30.  Be on standby for nuclear meltdown.

Sunday has as many other things on the go, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

A big shout out to Rotary for the fun fair!  Local Rotary clubs founded the centre, and it was renamed about 15 years ago.  They still provide lots of funding.


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