Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day!!

Father’s Day brings a mix of emotions out in people, for a wide variety of reasons.  These can range from things ranging from broken relationships, unmet expectations, poor communication, or abuse, be it physical, emotional, or sexual.

Fathers often do not realize the God-given power they have in the relationships with their children.  This power can be used for good, or for evil.  It is far too often used for evil, although not by intention.  As a father, I interact with my children from my own damaged perspective.  It has been shaped by my life experience, from interaction with family, teachers, employers, mentors, role models, and so on.

I have to bring

A few months ago, we had the opportunity to see Courageous, a movie from the makers of Fireproof and Making the Giants, which I reviewed here.  This movie dealt with a number of themes.  I think the dominant theme is encouraging men to take responsibility for their families and their legacy.  The main characters in the movie signed what they called “The Declaration”.  There are a number of resources available to guide men interesting in walking through this study.

I found this movie challenged me to become involved in reducing the impact of fatherlessness, and becoming a better father to my own children.

Something we are doing as a family is being available to be foster parents.  We have had only one placement so far, and are waiting to see if another one will work out.

There is no doubt that God is calling me to be a father to my children, to set a good example for them, and to love my wife.   He is calling me, as all men are called, to try and speak good into the lives of those around them.  We are called to be courageous.

I’ll end my thoughts, for today, probably not complete, with a link to the Courageous video on YouTube, by Casting Crowns.


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