Fostering placement #2

After a couple of possible concerns, our second placement started today.  The concerns arose from the fact that our foster child, S, is from a Muslim family.

It will be a bit of an adjustment for food, as we have to be careful about avoiding pork for the next month.

One concern we had was whether or not it would be a problem to take him to church with us.  The worker ended up finding a family to take him on Sunday mornings while we go to church.

Tate was quite excited to have someone new to play with.  So excited, that it took a long time to go to sleep.  I told them to go to sleep two or three times before I left to pick up some stuff.  When I came home, S was asleep on the couch so they both would go to sleep.

We went for a bike ride and played in a park close to our home.  It went quite well.

A common report was “the small boy is….” hitting, throwing, etc.  All of these things are common.  We’ll have to work on names.

It should be interesting.  There are only a couple of weeks of school left  There will be a fair bit of running.  Fortunately, F&CS is doing running for S to and from school.

Lots of adventures are ahead.


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