Baptism Sunday

This morning at church we had a baptism service.  In our denomination, we practice believer’s baptism.  We dedicate babies.  Baptism is a choice made by each individual, and can be made by children or adults.

Today, there were 11 baptized – 7 children and youth and 1 adult in the first service, and 1 youth and 2 adults in the second service.

The children ranged in age from 6 to 14.  Most of them accepted Jesus as their personal savior quite young, often as a 3, 4, or 5 year old.  Tate was one of the children baptized.  We were quite excited and proud.  He asked last year, but we thought he was more interested in going in the pond, than being baptized.

I should provide some context about the pond.  Our church is in a rural location, with a fairly large pond.  It is scenic, and great for outdoor activities.  Many churches have a tank for baptisms, often filled with warm water.  The pond is not warm.  It is not clean.  The water is quite murky.  It is occupied by swans to keep the geese at bay.

It was exciting to see so many young people make the choice to be baptized and make a public profession of faith at a young age.



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