Funny Smells

Tate and S were playing in the play room, and I noticed a rather unpleasant smell.  They came out, and the smell followed.

After some investigation, S was the source.  He didn’t know if he had poop in his pants.  At five?  He was sent to the bathroom to do some business.

He came out and said he was done.  After that, I went in to deal with the aftermath.  The smell would have knocked a buzzard over.

After getting back to the family room, the smell reappeared.  S was sent back to the bathroom again.  He came back and he said he was done.

They went back into the play room, and the smell still lingered.  I checked Reid.  Code brown.  Same smell.  Wow.

Now, a word to the wise.  President’s choice Sweet Chili Thai chips are likely not a good choice for those who have weak stomachs, or for those who have to deal with toddlers who eat such things.


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