Learning experience

Reid has been throwing stuff for quite a while.  The funny and annoying thing is, he can be quite accurate.

Often, when he goes to bed, he will chuck his blankets and soother, and cry out.  Many times, for yet another drink.

We had been thinking we would draw a line in the sand, and say enough.

Saturday was that night.  He was told if he threw his soother, it would be all done.

Well, about 10 minutes (or less) later, he was calling for a drink, after throwing everything out.

He started crying, and crying.

I think he was at it for about an hour before he settled in.

Sunday night, it started again.  It only lasted a few minutes before he settled down.

Tonight, he called for a few minutes, but never really cried.  It’s coming.  Maybe he will get off the soother before he is three.


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