Saying no

Like many people today, there are times I find myself swamped with activities — many good and worthwhile — but they make life busy.

In the midst of the busyness of life, it is too easy to get involved in yet another activity, by saying yes when asked to do something, when the answer really should be no.

By saying yes, when we really don’t want to, or should, say no, it adds additional unnecessary stress and worry in our lives.

I’ve been struggling  for at least  a couple of years with saying yes to a number of things.  I often get in involved in activities that I really don’t want to want to, but get stuck for a number of reasons.  Other people aren’t stepping in.  Or, I’m going anyway.  Or, I’m not particularly gifted in that area, but am willing to help out.

There are other things that I am developing an interest in, and starting to try different things.  For example, I have been posting the audio from our church services from CD to the web on and off for while.  There was a period when things were really busy, but things settled to the point things were a bit easier at home.

I have an interest in working in video.  I may not be the most able, but I am willing.  Sometimes, it seems that I serve well by working in the background, and helping put infrastructure in place for those that are more able.

Saying no gives the freedom from the “good” activities to allow time for the “best” activities.  Just because we have been participating in something for a long time, doesn’t need we need to keep on doing it.

We get too caught up in the tyranny of our busy schedules, that we don’t have time for new things.

It’s hard to say no.  Sometimes, the time comes, so that we are free for something new.  Or, to do nothing.

Here is a link to a daily devotional I subscribe to that talks a bit more about the benefits of saying no from a Christian perspective.


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