Vacation revisited

For some of us, our trip was cut a bit short.

After we settled in on Wednesday, we went down to the beach.  We had some fun in the sand and water.

We got the training wheels off Tate’s bike, and started trying to get him riding without them.

Our nephew is 20, and the oldest of five, so this is something that is up his alley.  He worked with Tate and tried to get him going.

Once he was riding, he was doing pretty well.

He was having trouble getting going and turning.  As he spends more time at it, he will get better.  No doubt, by the time he gets home next week, he will have it mastered.

In the midst of all the activity, we found that it was really a challenge to keep up with Reid.  It was easier this year, as he is walking around.  That also made it harder, as he runs around.

It is a challenge to keep him entertained, as very little holds his attention for a long time.  Right now, it is not a really big deal.  As he gets closer to school age, it will likely become more apparent.   Right now, he is two and a half.  In many ways, he acts like an eighteen month old (or even younger).  Last year at this time, he was comparable to a 12 month old.  He is progressing, which is good.  But, he is behind, and seems to be falling further behind his peers.

When he is told “No”, or “Stop”, he often will run the other direction or freak out.

He needs to be followed around pretty much constantly.

By supper on Wednesday, we decided we would leave him with his cousins, and come home on Thursday at some point.

They were fine with that, as he doesn’t really add too much extra work to the group.  When there are five, what’s an extra?

More about Thursday will follow.


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