Family differences

As a parent, you have to wonder about sending a child off to camp.  Especially a younger one.

Usually, you have less to wonder about with family.

On Thursday, we left Tate with his cousins, as discussed here.

It has been very quiet at home, with Tate away.

He usually wakes up quite early, often by 6:00.

This morning, it was much later when we got up.

We were hoping that they would call us last night.  We sent a message asking them to have them call us before they moved to the next park they are staying at.

When he called, he said he was having fun.  He had been biking, swimming, and got a mohawk.  A mohawk????  Another one of his cousins got one too.

We were quite livid.  It is not at all appropriate for a child, especially without consulting the parents.

We wavered for about an hour about whether or not we should got and get him.  By the end of it, we decided to leave him there, but there was a serious discussion about not doing things like that again.

So, that goes to show the difference between families.  Even


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6 Responses to “Family differences”

  1. Instant Mama Says:

    Maybe it was a joke?

  2. ouradoptionexperience Says:

    I certainly hope so. Still waiting for photographic evidence. He won’t be home till Wednesday or Thursday.

  3. Barefoot Baroness Says:

    I don’t blame you one bit for being a bit miffed. I’d be livid too. You do not allow a child to make choices such as this without parental permission. It would cause me to pause about what else would be allowed.
    I think leaving him at camp on your part was a loving thing to do. His hair will grow out, he IS safe, and as you said your conversation later will happen at a more appropriate time.

    You’re so right on though, so not okay~

    Thanks so much for the reblog, you are a loving person it’s apparent by your blog and by your actions.

    Please keep visiting as I plan on doing the same.
    I shal return ~ BB

  4. Trudy Metzger Says:

    Am I allowed to have a little giggle over this? admittedly, I’d have been ticked at that age too… but now, with teens, there’s bigger issues to deal with. 🙂 Ours all did the ‘cut their own hair’ thing and it grows again. If he did get a mohawk, I’ll be sure to ask him about it at church. lol!

  5. ouradoptionexperience Says:

    I’m sure we’ll laugh about it in time.

    Another significant factor is having two kids as opposed to five.

    And we are extra vigilant due to how things are with Reid.

  6. Camping wrap up « Our adoption experience Says:

    […] a recap, see Vacation, Vacation revisited, Family Differences, and Mohawk […]

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