End of another long weekend

After an extended period of hot and humid weather, we had a bit of a break today.

We all slept in today, which was great.

The boys and I rode up to the school, and played for a while.

Reid is quite a climber.  Pretty much always has been.

Tate was interested in climbing on playground equipment for a while, then was happy to ride his bike on the grass.

He asked a few times this afternoon to go on another bike ride.  He also asked about playing road hockey with the friend we skated with yesterday.  By supper, I figured since we hadn’t heard from them, we weren’t going to.  They ended up calling, and we went and played at another school.  We played soccer, and had fun running around on the playground equipment.

At the end of it, we had lots of fun and tired kids.

The funny thing is, Reid made singing noises for at least half an hour after he was in bed.  Tate was out pretty much immediately.  Nothing like outdoor play time to wear them out. 🙂


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