August weekend

The weather has been more reasonable the last few days.  It’s been nice.

After the rain of the last couple weeks, the grass needed to be cut.

I’ve had a rechargeable lawn mower for a few years.  It’s been pretty reliable.  It’s nice not having to fool around with gas.  Electric mowers are a royal pain, because of the cord.

I started cutting, and a lever jammed, and it wouldn’t shut off.  After. some more fooling around, the mower ended up not working any more.  I thought about getting it fixed.  After thinking about it, we decided it would be better to buy a new mower, rather than try to get it fixed.

I did a bit of research, and found a decent deal on a new mower at Home Depot.

I took Reid along with me to go to Home Depot.  I checked out our local Canadian Tire, and found out there mowers were quite a bit more.  We went to the Depot and looked around for a while.  We ended up leaving with the mower and nothing else.

In the afternoon, Tate and I went for a bike ride, and he played with one of his friends from school.

To cap the evening off, we went to the local indoor playground with their cousins and played for a while.

I dropped some photos off at Wal-Mart to be printed for Reid’s birth mother place for our meeting tomorrow.


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