Summer meeting with birth mother

Being an adoptive parent brings some interesting things to the table.  There are as many different stories involving adoption as there are adopted children.  Our kids have two extremely different stories.

Today was an interesting, and somewhat unique part of how our story is playing out.

As we planned, we met Reid’s birth mother P and her boyfriend D today.  We were meeting them at the splash pad in a downtown park.

We had originally planned to meet at 3:00.  We did the math, and realized that was going to be too early to work for Reid.

We sent an e-mail to her to see if we could change the time to 4:00.

She replied, and said sure.  She also mentioned that she had her daughter J today, if that was OK.

We thought why not, what’s one more person in this get together.

We got some lunch, got some pictures, and settled in so Reid could have his nap.

We left home about 3:30, to give ourselves lots of time to get to the downtown park where we were meeting them.

I dropped Sandra the boys off to meet them.  I went to get pizza, and went back to meet them.  It ended up that J’s step grandmother (or so near as I can figure it) drove them there.

It took Reid a few minutes to get into playing in the water.  He was more interested in seeing the ducks than playing.

He went into it once he saw Tate.  Tate and J played quite a bit together.

After we ate, we went over to the playground.  Tate and J ran ahead of us, and played for quite a while.

There was a new, big slide.  I went up with Reid the first time, and took him down on my lap.  He went up a couple of more times.

After that, he wanted to go over to the swings.  I pushed him a few times, and he wanted down.  He was interested in being picked up quite a bit.  His balance seemed to be a bit off.

After a few minutes, we gradually noticed that Reid just wasn’t himself.  He was just sitting, and wanted to cuddle.  Not at all him.

We figured that he had a couple of bumps on his head.  After sitting around for a few minutes waiting for him to improve, we decided to pack it in and bring him home.

Since things were cut short, we offered to get together another night.

Once we got home, we were debating whether or not to take him to the hospital.

We decided to give it a few minutes and see how he was doing.  He ended up snuggling with me for about half an hour.  Suddenly, we heard a knock at the door and we stirred.

It was our neighbour, who is extremely friendly.  She dropped over with another small gift for the boys.

When I heard it was her, I figured I would try to get Reid to go up and see if he would come alive when he saw her.

We went upstairs, he interacted with her.  He headed to go back down, and he threw up.  And he turned around.  From laying there to running around in big upchuck.

There is somewhat of an unexpected moral to this story.  Sometimes, when something is bothering you, the best thing to do is do whatever is necessary to get over it (in this case, throw up), and get over it.


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