The impact of a father

I have been wanting to do some posts on fatherlessness for a while.  I am by no means an expert in this area.  I have seen the impacts in the lives of a few around me.

Fatherlessness is having a huge impact on our society now, and will only get worse as men fail to be involved in the lives fo their children.

A father has a huge impact on his children, both positive and negative, based on how he conducts himself.

To generalize, fathers are involved, or not involved in the lives of their children.  Of course, there is a spectrum between the two extremes.

A father who is involved with his children will have a positive impact and a close relationship.

An uninvolved father doesn’t necessarily have to be absent.  The impact of a father who is around, but too busy to be involved can have a negative impact, as much as an absent father can have a negative impact as well.

These comments are overly general.  I will try to expand on them in the future.

Today, I was reading a magazine article tonight about the important role that a father can have in his daughter’s life.

The article is entitled “Fathers and Daughters”, by Rick Johnson, on pages 18 and 19 in the July/August 2012 issue of Seven Magazine.

Rick talks about his relationship with his daughter, and the difference that a father makes in his daughter’s life.  He calls on fathers to protect their daughters.

He talks about the impact a father can have on his daughter, both positive and negative.


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