Newer technology

This post doesn’t have anything to do with adoption, but something that many of us love to love, and at times hate – cell phones and the plans that go with them.

After a long period of wanting to upgrade to a smart phone, I finally took the plunge today.

I have wanted to get a BlackBerry for quite a while.  BB has lost much of its glamour of late.  However, without the original e-mail only device, the universe we live in of iPhone and Android would not exist.

I have had the same plan, and same number for about 10 years.  I am hesitant to move to another plan, but it may be necessary.

The problem with upgrading is the cost of handset, and the monthly plan to go along with it.  The big cell phone companies in Canada pretty much all want at least $50 a month for a free or discounted phone.

A few years ago, some new carriers were approved for major cities – Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal.  Outside these areas, we are stuck with the big ones.

Wind Mobile is one of the new carriers.  They have been expanding their footprint Canada over the last couple of years.  They have been in our area for about a year.  They are hitting bigger cities, and starting to hit some of the smaller cities.

Their plans are about $15 to $25 less than the major carriers, with unlimited calling, texting, and sometimes unlimited internet.

The problem is, their network is limited.  In some cases, the whole urban area is not covered.  The potential limitation is that outside the urban area can be expensive.  After agonizing for a while, I decided that I spend most of my time inside the zone, and it is worth at least a trial to see how it goes.

I have 14 days, with 30 minutes of talk time to see if it works out.



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