End of Summer and Back to School

School starts again next week.

It’s really hard to believe that August is almost over.

On Wednesday night, our local Family & Children’s Services had a kick off event hosted by a ski resort.  This resort also has quite a few summer activities, such as biking, tennis, and beach volleyball.

At the end of the evening, we saw Happy Feet 2 on an inflatable big screen at the bottom of the ski hill.  It was kind of neat.

The local Best Buy store was a sponsor, and sent several people to help out.  It was nice to see a big chain get involved in the community.

With the return to school, activities are resuming with a vengeance.

I was driving by Tate’s new school last night, and saw a notice on their sign that Meet the Teacher night is next Thursday. That is also the same night as an open house at Reid’s preschool.  Tate’s piano lessons start up again as well.  And I have the van going in for something.

In the next two weeks, I think I have three or four meetings.  One of the meetings is to catch up on things since June,  and start preparing for the rest of the year, and get ready for next year.  Another one is to meet with the leadership, bring them up to date, and find out where they want to head for the next year so we are all on the same page.

Long weekend, here we come!!  Once it is over, the activities resume.


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