Summer’s winding down

We were planning on going to the waterpark today and meeting the boys’ cousins there.

We found out they went away with their grandparents for the night.

The boys and I ended up going with my brother-in-law to a restaurant in a nearby small town to celebrate his birthday.  The birthday person gets a free meal.

My nephew (his oldest son) went there a couple of months ago for our birthday.  We celebrate on the same day.

This pub has various forms of entertainment through the week.  We happened to have the experience of hearing karaoke this afternoon.  WOW.  I wish they had a gong, like the classic show from many years ago, The Gong Show.  It would have been well used.

Later on, Tate and I went to the indoor playground beside the water park.  He played on the play structure.  We played indoor mini golf.  We did the indoor climbing wall.

At the end of it all, we had lots of fun.


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