Back into the routine

Things are getting pretty much back to normal – whatever that is.

Reid started at preschool today, for two and half hours on Tuesday and Thursday.

It will be an opportunity for him to socialize with more kids his age.  It provides another place to meet with the developmental service workers, as well.

He actually is a good little helper.  He’ll put dishes and other things in the sink, sometimes even things he shouldn’t.  Tonight I found a flashlight in  the water with the dishes!!!!

Part of getting back into the routine is resuming regular meetings.  We had a meeting at the church going over policies and procedures to ensure that children remain safe and protected.  It is unfortunate that some of these steps need to be taken, but in the litigious environment we live in, and the risk of harming children, it is important to protect them.

Our regular weekly children’s program goes into full swing.

And before we know it, it will be Christmas.


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2 Responses to “Back into the routine”

  1. graftingin Says:

    we’re feeling the same way. our area has year round schools and our older guy just went back for the next 9-week segment wednesday. we feel like this fall is going to rush right by us. and, we’re not sure if we’ll have these guys come December.

  2. ouradoptionexperience Says:

    It sure seems like a never ending cycle. The main thing is finding balance.

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