A special treat

A few months ago, the children’s pastor at church floated the idea of going to Great Wolf Lodge as a group.

If we could get a discounted group rate, we might get a few people to go.

The initial block was for 20 families, with a minimum of 14 for it to stick.

We planned on going, and his family was going, so really, we needed only 12 more.

At the end of it, we have 33 families going.  That does include some church staff, but still, that’s pretty good.

Anyhow, today’s the day.

We’re taking Tate out of school early today.  They’re doing the Terry Fox run, and he wanted to be a part of that.

We’re hoping to be at Great Wolf pretty much as soon as we can so we can take advantage of the waterpark.

It is a lot of fun.  They say the indoor waterpark and water are heated to 80 degrees, so it is warm.  In the summer, there is an additional outdoor area.  It is most likely closed for the season.

The highlight is that we are going with several families from the church that our kids know.  Parents can watch the kids and hang out together, which can be a rare opportunity.

It gets easier as the kids get older.

Look out Great Wolf Lodge, here we come!!!


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