Backstage Christianity – reblog from Trudy Metzger

Our churches should be the safest places where we can be free to be broken and wounded.

Because we feel we don’t fit in, we hide our woundedness and brokenness and keep on.

We are at risk of wounding others because we continue to hide.

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There is a disconnect, between what we pretend church life to be, what we demand the Christian walk to be, and reality. The reality of experience and the reality of God’s expectation. I feel sometimes as if I get to be backstage of a major production, when I sit with wounded, and listen to broken hearts, and see the true body of Christ. The ones who are real, and drop the façade of religious perfection.

I’ve been told most of life how ‘church’ should look, and act. I’ve watched as the religious scrambled to wipe up the ‘spilled milk’ of the new believer, the struggling seasoned believer, or the one who just can’t get it right. Heck, I’ve been the first in line to buff and polish and hide the evidence of humanity after the spill is discovered.

For years I thought that was Christianity. After properly disciplining the person who failed…

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3 Responses to “Backstage Christianity – reblog from Trudy Metzger”

  1. Trudy Metzger Says:

    Thanks for the reblog, Murray.

    • ouradoptionexperience Says:

      It’s interesting how a couple of other things I have run across today said very similar things.

      • Trudy Metzger Says:

        Same thing happened to me! It makes me stop and say, “I think God is talking out loud today.” On Sunday morning that happened too. Kinda cool!

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