Exciting Blogging News

I’ve been writing this blog for over four years.

It started as a diary of our process about waiting to be approved to adopt again.

We found out just before Christmas of 2009 that we were going to become adoptive parents again, with a bit of a catch.  We would be fostering our new child until he was able to be adopted.  For the next year and a bit, I wrote about our journey through the foster to adopt process.  It had its highs and lows.

Since then, I have been writing about various slices of life.  I intended to keep it as a diary for future reference, and hopefully be of assistance in case anyone was interested.

There wasn’t much interest, until October of 2011.  Then, someone read my pasts.  All 150 or so at that point.  In one day.  I “met” a new friend i the blogging world, Instant Mama.

She wrote about her experience as a foster mother of six (!!!) children, which was about a year old at that point.  It went on for longer.

Her post today contained both good news and sad news.  The good is that she and her husband became the forever parents of five (!!!) children.   The sad news is that she will be taking a break from blogging as she bonds with her new children.  I completely understand and respect this wise decision.  However, I will miss the warmth, love, and passion that she shared for her kids.

I would encourage you to check out her blog, and her list of suggested sites.  My world has been expanded because of these blogs.

Blessings to Instant Mama and her new forever family of five.


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One Response to “Exciting Blogging News”

  1. Instant Mama Says:

    You are too kind. And who can stay away from wonderful blogger friends like you? I’m sure I will be back around sometime. But first things first, and my kiddos just jumped to the top of the list. Thanks for the shout out!

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