A different take on kids with special needs – their siblings

I read a post this morning on lovethatmax.com about Max’s sister, and the impact his special needs have on her.

To be honest, I haven’t really thought about the impact that a child with special needs can have on siblings, and even the whole family.

There are several things that I do with Reid by himself.  There are a number of reasons.

Sandra often takes Tate to different activities, and I have Reid.  I find it less exhausting to push Reid around the grocery store for an hour and get groceries than to chase him around at home.  We get groceries out the way as part of the deal as well.

Tate complains that it’s not fair that he doesn’t get to go (you know the voice). He forgets about all he does that Reid doesn’t and won’t do because of their differences.

It is important to make time for all kids with each parent individually, especially when there are challenges in their situation.


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