Walking through adoption

My blogging friend, Instant Mama, is walking through the early steps of adopting five children in a sibling group.

She recently posted Avoiding the Awkward.  She discusses a number of questions that those around the family often ask.  These questions are asked with the best of intentions, but can open wounds that may be fresh.

Many forget that adoption becomes possible due to difficult circumstances.

Couples come to the point of adoption through a variety of circumstances, often infertility.  A loss has been grieved to reach the point of being willing to adopt.

It is a drastic thing for authorities to remove children from a family of origin.  Horrible things have to happen.

Sometimes children are abandoned.  This also happens in horrible circumstances.

There is a sense of loss for both the children and the rest of the family of origin.

When a couple gets married, there are many adjustments.  They have willingly come to the point of coming together.

In an adoptive situation, there may be some willingness.  There are huge issues to deal with, compared to a marriage.


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